Steam Rooms and Hammam

The word Hammam has Arabic roots and it means ‘spreader of warmth’. It is the word given to the sensual bathing retreat that evolved over thousands of years and traces its roots back to the Roman Thermae. These traditions can still be experienced in your own home, a perfect place to de-stress, relax, and rejuvenate. This hot room with high levels of humidity, combined with some aroma infused steam, allows your body to relax, melts away tension in the muscles and opens pores helping to eliminate toxins.

The Hammam’s benefits are numerous and date back to 200 B.C. The main ones however are:


  • hyperthermia or overheating which enhances the detoxification process and stimulates the immune system to increase production of antibodies and interferon.
  • Steam elevating the body’s temperature speeding up metabolism and blood flow, alleviating congestion, inflammation, reduces spasmodic breathing. It beneficially influences the skin, opening pores, releasing trapped oils and dirt, increasing the blood circulation to the skin, relaxing tense facial muscles and loosening dead, dry skin.
  • The thermal contrast resulting from the use of cold water after the hot steam is extremely invigorating and boosts cardiovascular activity. In turn, this increased metabolism and blood flow stimulates muscles, getting them to release stored toxins.

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You can fully enjoy all the benefits of this ancient tradition, the skin and the airways will be cleared by means of hot and moist steam, whether or not mixed with aromas such as eucalyptus, chamomile, etc. The maximum temperature is 50 degrees but the humidity level is about 85% to 95%.

The cabinet walls are built of 60mm polystyrene and the seats are completely made of polystyrene too. These walls are provided with a fiberglass mat on which the tiles of your choice can be fixed. Polystyrene (XPS) is osmosis resistant and has a high isolating protection. The ceiling is made in a curved shape to avoid drop formation. The safety door, 8mm, is in an aluminium frame. A steam generator will be delivered specially adapted to the volume of the steam room. The colour therapy with LED illumination is also included.

The cabins can be custom made or will be delivered in 3 standard models.


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